Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Serious Business

On the day of my grandpa's funeral,
Ivy sat with my dad while he visited with a cousin of his.
Ruby was also sitting nearby and when my dad's cousin asked Ivy to tell her her name,
Ivy decided to try to put one over on her:
she answered--with this deadpan face--that her name was Ivy Kathryn,
which is Ruby's middle name.
Teasing looks like serious business to Ivy.

Ivy kept it up for a moment, then her face just couldn't hold back how funny she thought her little joke was!

She and Grandpa Wayne always love to tease--
each other & anyone else!
 The picture could be easily misunderstood--
the cousin was not trying to strike my adorable daughter,
she was going to "beep" Ivy's nose for teasing her!

Look at the twinkle in those eyes!
We say she's sugar, spice, and a little cayenne pepper. 
She keeps things interesting, that's for sure!

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