Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ruby's Birthday

 Ruby was delighted with her ballet slippers,

 her BIG princess balloon,

and her Rice Krispie bar "cake"

 Ivy tried so hard to hold herself back from helping to blow
out those four candles...
 and then "helped" anyway.

 I love how Ivy is looking at Ruby in this picture--
she loves her so much.

a hug for the birthday girl

I attempted to create a flower using M&M's and frosting
as the "glue" that would hold them on the 'cake'.
Adults might not be so impressed (ok--at all impressed)
but Ruby was delighted!
I thought the 4 turned out well, however.

After our treats, I took Ruby to town to pick out a birthday dress.
It was fun to watch her shop, because we rarely, if ever, shop for fun.
I let her look to her heart's content,
responded to each exclamation of "Oh, MOMMY, look!!!"
and just took our time.
She was so cute with her opinions,
saying "this doesn't look like a birthday dress"
or "this really does look like a birthday dress".

We went to a mall and looked in two stores but everything was just so expensive
so we went to Target where she picked out a pretty one.
Surprise!  It's pink.
I just love her...

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