Thursday, February 7, 2013


The phone rang.  I could see from the caller ID that it was the optician; I assumed they were calling to tell me Ruby's glasses were fixed and ready to be picked up.
"No, this is Melissa."
"OH!  Hahahaha...of course!" she said.  "I knew you're's just that I was just talking to another gal here in the office about how Ruby has all these brothers and sisters, just like the Duggars!  I guess I had 'Michelle' in my head because of that!" she said, as she laughed her way through her explanation and what else she needed to tell me.

We get compared to the Duggars a lot; I guess 10 kids is just like 20??
I don't mind, though...if I had to get mixed up with anyone, I sure wouldn't mind it being Michelle Duggar.  She is just so sweet.

Because some days?  I feel that a closer misunderstanding would go something like this:
Phone rings.
"Hi...Cruella DeVil?"

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