Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What We Did The Day of the Big Blizzard

This past Sunday church was cancelled due to a big blizzard.
I love me a big snowstorm so I was looking forward to it!

Since we didn't go to church, the morning felt "off" a bit.
What did we do instead?

Well--we had a delightful tea party.
There was a Ruby-ballerina who did her own hair for our party (it was so  wavy from braids left in overnight) .  And oh, look-- little nutella still left on her face from the breakfast I let them each find for themselves.

Our fancy tea, all spread on the piano bench.
My coffee cup looks surprisingly big next to the tea cups.

Ruby's favorite doll, Laura, was also in attendance, her schnazzy hair styled by the uber-talented Ruby.
(My mom made those clothes--isn't she aMAZing?)

Ivy was happy that morning (not "rumpy" like usual) so we let this picture suffice.
I can't recall why her arms were that way, but whatevs.

 LittleBit was a whole lotta trouble as she kept "stealing" all the dishes

and *GASP*
licking all the plates.
Ruby was horrified at her terrible tea party etiquette.
Elizabeth was oblivious.  
Or perhaps, intentional.

Oh YES!  I nearly forgot--Jessie and Woody!
Ivy's constant companions arrived for the party, too, and squished Ivy's sweet cheeks for a picture.

After the tea party and after a real-live dinner,
Dennis, Linnea and I played Scrabble.
Linnea won.

Then, while I took a real-live--although short--nap,
Linnea made snow candy, just like Ma Ingalls, all her idea and all on her own!
I was impressed.
I wish I'd taken a picture...

I'm such a homebody that I have really missed being snowed in these past snow-less winters.
Now that February is half over and winter is nearing an end, 
I find myself wishing for a few more snow falls!
I think snow falling is such a cozy feeling, and seeing as I rarely have anywhere to go and my husband is nearly always here on the farm (as opposed to trying to make it driving home from work in a storm) and all my children are nearly always under the same roof,
when I see snow forecasted,
I think to myself "BRING IT ON!"

Christopher and Elijah ventured out in the afternoon and had THE BEST time in the snow up to their waists. The recounting of their adventures when they came in after dark was quite something!
Lots of motioning with their hands and arms about how high or how far or how fast, replete with sound effects, rosy cheeks and snapping eyes.
It was good "brother time."

We had chicken wild rice stew for supper, a perfect complement to a pretty good day.
And that's what we did the day of the big blizzard.

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