Monday, February 25, 2013

In Moments Like These

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who ever feels like this, right?
Like the world is spinning pretty fast and you can only catch glimpses of stillness...

Each day seems to pass so quickly, yet I'll admit that sometimes I look at the clock and think "only 10 more hours until bedtime...I can do this..."

I heard something on Focus on the Family last week where the speaker encouraged just one better reaction;
instead of deciding that one needs to conquer a habit (say, a bad temper),
commit to having one better reaction to something that normally causes one's temper to flare.
Her point was that conquering a deeply ingrained habit can seem nearly impossible, too great a task to accomplish but that by focusing on just having one better reaction we might take small steps toward improvement.

So, I made it my goal to have one better reaction.  
And, like the speaker said it would on the broadcast, it has led to another better reaction and another.
I tend to get too upset by too many things;  I raise my voice and I am very sarcastic.
I feel I've responded better in several situations lately, though certainly not all.
 It has made for a better end of last week and beginning to this one.

In the midst of a bustling household, I have a VERY hard time just sitting still--even to read a story to my kids.  
I've purposed these last couple weeks to read more stories.  The younger kids are all for that!
Today I decided to sit down with my feet up and take 15 minutes to crochet on a project on which I've been working.  Then the washing machine beeped to let me know the load was finished.
My OCD-self really wanted, nearly needed, to get up and switch out that load.
My seeking-opportunities-for-stillness-self had to speak clearly to OCD-self:  
 "just keep stitching until these 15 minutes are up...the laundry can wait so that you're able to enjoy something relaxing for just seven more minutes." 

I waited until my pre-determined time was up and then went to the laundry room.
It had been a good 15 minutes of refreshment for me.
My legs and feet have been doing so very well this pregnancy;
usually by now I deal with some swelling but not this time!
That said, I do notice if I put in too much non-stop time on my feet so I'm learning to take a few minutes to sit when I need to.
It's in those moments especially that I feel like the picture at the top of this, my rambling post;
the busy-ness and business of a homeschooling, farming household doesn't ever really stop
but I can find stillness if I really seek it out, even if it's just for a few minutes.

Incidentally, I didn't take that picture.  I found it on the camera, presumably taken by Christopher and most likely while I was seeking stillness in another room--or switching a load of laundry.


  1. One better reaction. You know, that might be a lot more doable than conquering Mount St. Temper all at once. ;-)


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