Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Five ways to get your kids to talk to you:

1. Step into the bathroom. Close the door.
2. Make or receive a phone call.
3. Use a loud appliance, such as a vacuum, hair-dryer, or blender.
4. Read.
5. Close your eyes for longer than a blink.
(If these all fail, try to lay down with your baby to put them to sleep. Just as you are about to get up and leave the finally sleeping baby, someone will call out "Mooommmm??!!!")


  1. Oh my goodness Melissa, this is hilarious and OH SO TRUE!!! I cannot believe how very effective each of these measures are for getting your kids to communicate with you (or at least tattle, tell and complain). It really works!

  2. I thought it was maybe just my kids who decide to communicate at those times. Very nice to know it isn't just them that lack the ability to know when the time isn't right for talk.

  3. Melissa, the anonymous message is from me, Tami.


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