Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My grandma would be appalled...

Is it bad if you pull your iron out (from the top shelf of the linen closet where your were pretty sure you had put it last time) and your kids say "Mom, what is that?"

Is it even worse that if something clean is really wrinkly, I just wash and dry it again and make sure I hang it up right away??

Now you know the true me. I don't iron. Please don't judge me...

I pulled it out today to iron on Andrew's badge for AWANA. He and Linnea go with their very good friend Anthony, who's mom happens to be my very good friend Angie who gives them a ride!
They LOVE it!! (AWANA stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.)
Here is a picture of Andrew with his brand new very own Bible and his very fancy Sparks vest.

He is very good at memorizing Scripture. He and Linnea help and encourage each other.
Did I mention they LOVE going to AWANA???!!!


  1. LOL. I don't iron either.

  2. Melissa, how hilarious. I have thrown stuff back in the laundry too so I wouldn't have to iron it.

    Our children also love AWANA.

  3. Melissa, you don't have to wash it again! Just throw it in the dryer with a washcloth that you get really wet and wring out a bit. Let it go for about 20 minutes then shake out the clothes and hang up right away. We call it dryer-ironing in my house. And my husband does all of his own actual ironing of his work clothes. My girls even iron their own stuff if it needs it. I don't iron!


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