Friday, December 26, 2008

My Kids Think I'm SuperMom

It's true: my kids think I'm SuperMom.
That's gotta be it.
Why else would they holler from the other end of the house "who's is this?" or "Mom, where does this go?" or "what should I do with this?"
I never know what "this" is.
This very morning, my 8 year old daughter called to me from downstairs. She was cleaning the entry where there was a bag we brought home from Grandma's. She called out, "Are these ours?" (wondering if we had inadvertently brought home something that belonged to someone else).
It was at this point that I had to confess.
My reply: "Well, since I do not possess telepathic powers, nor do I have X-ray vision, I cannot see what it is to which you are referring."
I hope none of the sarcasm dripped onto the baby I was feeding...
Maybe I should have titled this post
"My kids thought I was SuperMom."


  1. Sounds like our house! Kids!


  2. Hi Melissa: I am Tami's neighbor Bonnie. Your blog is funny. I have one too, but it's probably more x-rated, because my kids say VERY bizarre stuff. Anyway you are kids...home school...and you aren't into drugs! Seriously, that is just awesome :)


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