Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My girls

Since Miss Ruby's birth, the word "girls" has been a tough one to get to roll of my tongue.

(We call Ruby all kinds of things...Miss Ruby, RuRu, Ruby-Ru, Baby Ru, etc. She probably won't ever learn her real name.)

Anyway-----up until now, it has always been "the boys" or "the boys and Linnea" and then, "the big boys and the little boys"--you get the picture.

So now that we have TWO daughters and five sons, I get to say "the girls".

It's fun!
(I figured out how to use our printer/scanner and post a picture. I'm so technologically advanced, I know...)


  1. "The girls" is all it's ever been for me. Sometimes the "big girls" and the "little girls", but that is getting harder and harder too. I just love that Linnea now has Miss Ruby. I think every girl needs a sister. But I am a bit biased!

  2. I am the opposite... forever it was almost all girls. Now I am getting used to "the boys".


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