Saturday, December 20, 2008

I wonder why...

So, (because here in Minnesota, we begin every sentence with "so") I wonder why when my Little Miss Ruby has a stinky diaper it's cute, but not when Elijah does?
(I realize that sentence has terrible grammar, but I don't care this morning. It's Saturday, and we don't do school on Saturday.)

When Ruby needs a diaper change, I say in my cutesie little reserved-for-baby voice, "Ruby...are you a stinky girl?? Are you?? You've got stinky pants, Baby Roo!" etc. etc. All smiles and tickles on our way to the changing table. She smiles back and gurgles and talks.

But when Elijah needs attention in the diaper department, it's more like "oh, Elijah...again? Let's go..."

Maybe because little baby diapers don't really stink that bad? And toddler diapers are more of the clear-the-room-everyone-pretend-they-don't-smell-it-until-Mom-can-change-him variety? I think so.

Just something for me to think on...

(I also wonder why I use dots of elipses so much. I think I do it because I rarely get a chance to finish a complete thought before someone needs me {read: interrupts me}. It leaves room to return to the train of thought. If I can remember where I left off... Something else for me to think on...)

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