Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's a Big Day

It's a big day here at our house.
Christopher is wearing "unnerwears". Lightning McQueen underwear. That's a big deal.
He is so proud. He spends minutes in front of the mirror admiring his narcissistic, underwear-clad self.

Andrew read his first book: Hot Dog. He has been waiting and waiting for me to start reading with him. Today, we did. That's a big deal, too.
He called Grandma Cindy to tell her about it. Here's what I overheard from the half of the conversation I was on...
"Hi, Grandma. I read a book today all by myself."
"It was called 'Hot Dog'".
"About a dog that was hot."
(Apparently, she had asked him the story line. I am constantly amazed at how those beginner books are able to make PAGES out of something as simple as a dog that was hot....)

It's also quite balmy here today. 27 degrees! Linnea, Andrew, and Christopher were outside swinging on the swingset this afternoon. Yep--that's living in Minnesota, all right! The swings are only a few inches off the top of the snow. It's too funny when I stop to think on it. My kids in their hats, gloves, and insulated shirts--because 27 degrees is now somehow too warm for coats.
The big boys snowmobiled this afternoon--again peeling off layers because of "the heat".
Apparently, ya really do get used ta it.

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