Friday, February 20, 2009

The New Me

Today, I become the mother of a teenager.

Thirteen years ago today, I labored to bring him into the world. At 6:08 pm, Nathaniel arrived weighing 8 lbs. 8 oz.
I was convinced I was having a girl, but Daddy announced "he's a boy!".
In honor of his special day, I will write 13 things about our oldest son.

1. He is a walking atlas. Seriously.
2. He is a walking encyclopedia. Seriously.
3. He is a voracious reader.
4. He loves cashews.
5. As a toddler, he had the best giggle.
6. He has a quick wit and great sense of humor.
7. He is big enough to still call me "mommy" when talking to the little ones. ie. "Mommy says it's time for supper."
8. He has been to way more states than I have.
9. He changes diapers, and has for years. Probably more than Dad or Grandpa.
10. This child whom I once held in my arms is now hard to distinguish from his dad from a distance.
11. He is a hard worker.
12. He is a good brother.
13. He is the first child to make me a Mom.


  1. Number 13 is so sweet! I think the first born has a special spot in a mom's heart!


  2. WOW....a teenager? Holy Cow! Happy Birthday Nathaniel!

  3. So glad we were able to share your birthday Nathaniel. Guess what else Melissa I finally figured out how to log in HOORAY! Even more impressive... without help from my honey!!! Technology watch out...

  4. Wow, hard to believe that was 13 years ago! I still remember our whole class crowding into your room to visit you. I don't think the nurse was too impressed. You probably weren't either at that point, but if that's the case you hid it well! Come to think of it, I remember that Mr. Nelson wasn't impressed with us cutting class either! Oh well, we all got a fun memory out of it anyway!

  5. Hi Weston! I was VERY impressed that you all came to visit me in the hospital! That is a memory that is etched in my mind. Too funny. I also remember Mr. Nelson's less-than-impressed reaction, but part of me thinks he felt like he HAD to get after us, being the principal and all. I wonder if he secretly thought it was a little funny...
    I think I even have a picture of all of us in that room now that I think about it.
    Thanks for reading my blog. Glad you stopped by!

  6. Jenn--
    I am SO impressed! I love that you are "Auntie Jenn"!!!
    Thanks for reading...

  7. How precious! My first baby turns 13 soon too!


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