Monday, February 23, 2009

We needed you, Ruby!

The other night, I was changing Miss Ruby. As I typically do, I was making all the googly, smoochy, baby talk sounds to her. Linnea and I always tell Ruby how pretty she is, or what a big girl, how much we love her and so on.
I suddenly wanted her to know how much we wanted her, how much we needed her in our family.
I told her. I said, "Ruby, we needed you! I'm so glad you're here!"
Linnea, Andrew, Christopher and Elijah were in the room, too. I told them how much we had needed them, also. How much we wanted each of them, and their older brothers, too.
I told them how God had placed them in this family, because he knew that this was where they needed to be--and that they were and are just the children that Dennis and I need and want.
Some days get really overwhelming, whether you have one kid or fifteen kids. But I always want my kids to know that we want each one of them--and any more that God may have for our family.
Each one is put in our family for a reason.
I want God to have His way in this area--His way is perfect! Who am I to say "yes" or "no" to the Creator?
I want my kids to know that children are a blessing and NOT a burden.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Your children are blessed to have you for their mommy. AND I loved the note you wrote to your new teenager, too. Three cheers for YOU, Melissa! Dawn Synstelien


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