Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How Easy Was That?

Last night for (one of the) bathtime(s), I had a stroke of pure, mothering genious.

You know those little glow-sticks? The kind that you can bend into a bracelet or connect for a necklace and they glow for awhile and then the thrill is gone and you throw them away?

Well, my sister-in-law Jenn brought some for the kids on Easter Sunday.

We brought them home and the kids had fun going to bed with a glowing wrist.

Back to bathtime last night...I thought, wouldn't that be fun to take a glowing bath?????

Turns out, it WAS!!

The three little boys in the tub thought it was SO fun.
I tossed three of them in and turned out the lights in the bathroom and voila! I'm the best mom EVER!

And judging by the amount of time spent outside in the sandbox and playing in the yard prior to bathtime that created, shall we say, murky? bathwater, it was like our own little phosphorescent algae bloom right in the tub!

How easy was that?


  1. I LOVE those glow sticks!! I use them in the winter for indoor "dark tag" for special get togethers with cousins and friends. We also use them in the summer for outdoor dark tag at dusk, 4th of July, late night marshmallow roasts in the backyard, camping... Recently we were on a very long car ride and we had them in the car for the ride home when it was dark -- hours of entertainment (and no fussing)!! Now you gave me yet another great use for them. Thanks!!

  2. Wow--you are one cool Mom, Angie.

  3. Ha ha!!! I might have to try that for my OWN bath!!


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