Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miss Ruby

Miss Ruby turned 7 months old on
April 1st!

Seriously--I just had her yesterday.
Didn't I???

She is a delightful baby; it's too bad that babies in large families get so little attention...
*wink wink*

At her 6 month check, the dr. asked if she rolls over yet.
I said, "Does she need to be put down in order to learn that?"
This child is nearly always being held!
(She does roll from tummy to back, just not from back to front.)

She has basically no interest in food--she just wants Me!
I think that this is the oldest any of my kids have been to be exclusively nursing.
She gags gags gags on any type of baby cereal, so after a few tries over a couple months, I'm just not going to do baby food.

She does like bits of what we're having, but is by no means interested in a meal.
She just nibbles what we're having.

And that's all fine, because she's just her own self.
She doesn't have to do things like her siblings did.

We love her to pieces because she's our
Miss Ruby!

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