Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some Farm Wives

by Mrs. Sheila Champlin, Ferryville, Wisconsin

Farm wives come in all shapes and sizes. Some slim, some fat, some petite, some large.

Some farm wives are fearless and brave, tackling angry sows and raging bulls; some are timid and mild and much better at helping ewe lambs, newborn calves and old mother cows.

Some farm wives are social butterflies involved in a hundred community events and activities; some are content to stay home as caretakers of family and home.

Some farm wives are authorities on animal breeding statistics and genetic backgrounds; some can't tell the difference from one cow to the next.

Some farm wives spend considerable time trying to keep an attractive outward appearance under highly smelly and dirty conditions; some like to spend their time developing a better inward appearance in caring for others more than themselves.

Some farm wives are horticulturists with prime landscaped farms and beautifully tended flower beds; some try hard but just seem to grow more weeds than flowers.

Some farm wives are authorities on commodity options and the futures market; some never know what the livestock or grain markets are.

Some farm wives despair over farm record-keeping, expenditures and cash flow; some are excellent bookkeepers and truly enjoy running a home computer system.

Some farm wives are great amateur veterinarians; some are better at powderpuff mechanics and squeezing a grease gun.

Some farm wives are outstanding homemakers, seamstresses, bakers, and crafters; some do minimal household duties and devote their time to community service projects, church work, volunteer work, or a town job.

Some farm wives can do all these things and more.  While that's the farm wife we might admire and most desire to be like, deep in her heart each farm wife seems to know that she is unique and special--just the way God made her.


  1. I'm one who grows weeds!

    I love this list. There may be some stereotypes of farm wives, but we're unique as God has made us!

  2. This was a great piece. Very true in many aspects.


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