Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's New, You Ask?

It's been a rough week around the farm...
Since last Thursday, I have:
~found out that someone (whom we know well) has entirely too much to say about us 
~attended a meeting where I talked too much, and I'm pretty sure I offended the hostess
~called the next day to apologize to said hostess and I think we're ok now
~attended an IBLP Seminar (this wasn't rough, just a big time commitment.  It's hard to be gone from the farm for very long without feeling anxious about what might be happening while we're gone.  However, this seminar is a HUGE blessing to our family, and a thoughtful someone is helping us to attend.)
~went to the grocery store on Sunday at noon-ish, wherein my husband said, "Oh yeah, tomorrow's Valentine's Day!  Did you get me something?" To which I replied that I had not.  As we rounded the end of the aisle, he looked to the bakery display and said, "Ooooooh, hey----a piece of red velvet cake! For a buck seventy-five!"
To which I replied, 
"I don't even like red velvet cake."
This was followed by
"And Honey?  Nothing makes a woman feel more special than her husband thinking 'I'm gonna get her that! It's only a $1.75!' "
~turned out I didn't have to worry.  
(Let's just say my husband isn't real big on days like Valentine's day, Mother's day, etc., 
and we'll leave it at that.)
~On Monday, an axle on one of the tractors broke. 
~Tuesday we found out that our well has to be replaced.  The well-digger-man (a friend of ours) said,
"You have two options here.  #1 Replace the well.  Or #2: sell the cows and move. 'Cause you can't stay here with no water."  We went with option #1, but I thought #2 didn't sound all that bad.
~Yesterday, my vacuum broke.
~I am still up at 1:30 after having spent a solid two hours washing dishes by hand.
I know many women say "well, we always used to wash dishes by hand. What's the big deal?"
My two-cents: people didn't used to have indoor plumbing either. But now we do, and if you didn't have that to use anymore, you'd probably find it to be an inconvenience.
~I ate a big bowl of ice cream after I finished the dishes.  Chip and mint.
~Later today, my friend Theresa will be coming over with her two lovely children.
This is a good thing and the kids and I are looking forward to spending the afternoon enjoying the nice temps we've been having! 
The well drillers will be here by 7:30, so I don't know if her son will get to see the big trucks on the yard, but I know my crew will be pretty much glued to the windows watching the men work.


  1. anche le mie giornate scorrono via veloci , casa lavoro i figli..però se si affronta il tutto con serenità tutto fila via liscio ;))) Buon giovedì Nicoletta

  2. Now that all the bad stuff has already happened, next week will be much better, right???

    I'm praying for you and thinking about your family! You could always come to our house on Wed. during 4-H to play. :)


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