Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today is Isaiah's 13th birthday.

I am now the mother of 
two teenagers.
When did that happen?
Probably when I wasn't looking.
More likely, when I was.

~ just a few hours old ~

Happy Birthday, Isaiah;
my second son,
the boy who lives to farm,
shares his birthday with Grandma Cindy,
(Happy Birthday, Mom!!)
loves his animals,
hates injustice,
thrives on fairness,
likes pop too much
and vegetables not enough.

You have stretched my patience,
and I've stretched yours.
We butt heads too often,
probably because we're both pretty stubborn.
You have helped me to learn patience
and perseverance.

Happy 13th Birthday!
I'm glad you're my son.


  1. Melissa,
    It just boggles my mind that it is possible for you to have children at this stage in life! You are such a great mama!
    Blessings on this very cold morning!

  2. Happy birthday! Have a great day!!!!

    Corey, Tami, Parker, and Lucy

  3. Happy birthday to you Isaiah!! Hope his day is filled with treats and happy memories!!


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