Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I had a massage yesterday.

I had never had one before.


Dennis had given me a gift certificate for one for Christmas, and I "cashed in my chips" yesterday afternoon.

It felt wonderful...and even if it hadn't, at the very least it was a half-hour in a quiet room, with soft music, dim lights, virtually no words, words that were spoken were quiet, and in those thirty minutes I didn't have to do anything for anyone else.

I think I'd save my pennies just to go lay on that nice warm table again--even if the massage woman wasn't there!

I have an idea now of what I want for Valentine's day, Mother's day, my birthday, Wednesday...


  1. A massage is a regular gift from Terry to me for either Mother's day or my birthday every year. If I could afford and justify the expense I would have one every month!!!

  2. LOL, they DO feel incredible!!!


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