Monday, February 7, 2011

I Have a Baby Named Ivy

I have a baby named Ivy.

I don't post many pictures of her because
too often they look like this
or like this:
She's kind of a serious baby.

She lights up, however,
 when Nathaniel comes in the house or in the room
or if she hears his voice.
She is definitely his girl!
We tell him he's good with the babes.

She blows raspberries a lot.

As in, pretty much every time I try to make her smile.

No lie.

But every so often, I can get her to smile at me.
Not when I'm directly behind the camera, though.

I have to peek up and around the side;
which is the direction her eyes look...
when she finally smiles.

1 comment:

  1. Melissa,
    So, so cute! When Allison was a baby about Ivy's age, she would close her eyes every single time we held up a camera to take a picture. Nice, huh? Thanks again for the talk last are an amazing person!


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