Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Treat

I recently won a gift card to a book store.
Me--in a book's like a kid in a candy shop!

I LOVE books!!!!!!

But I need your help.
I can't decide what to get!

I'd like to hear your suggestions....what would you get if it were you? 
Or should I say---if you were me


  1. That is a hard one because I too really like to read but don't always have a "wish" list. Recently though I've really enjoyed the author Patti Hill who wrote "Seeing Things"...very good! I've read "House Rules", reading now "Eat, Love, Pray"..just a few! Bridget Larson

  2. My first suggestion would be--something for YOU, not your kids, no homeschooling resources or anything like that, I'll come up with a more specific suggestion later!!!

  3. I LOVE books too! It would be great to spend it on something fun for you to read, but I would probably end up buying more books for homeschool. ;)

  4. Passionate Housewives Desperate for God
    Amish Peace
    Lies Women Believe(and the truth that sets them free)
    Treasuring God in our Traditions(just got it from the library, so haven't read it yet)
    I go to and she has book lists that I look through once in awhile to get some fresh ideas. Have fun using that gift card!

  5. Oh, I would be the same as many books...what to choose?!
    Here are some of my favorites:
    Amish Grace
    Passionate Housewives Desperate for God
    Lies Women Believe(and the truth that sets them free)
    Treasuring God in our Traditions(haven't read yet--just picked up from the library)
    I go to and look through her list of recommended reading to get some fresh ideas.
    Have fun! Let us know what you get!

  6. I would go for some type of Bible study, self help book (marriage, finances, parenting, craft), a beautiful picture book of some place I'd love to go someday or someplace I never want to forget, or journal. Lance and I have this marriage journal -- we've had it a few years now. Every once in awhile we'll write in it together. I treasure it. :) I like Beth Moore Bible Studies. Love and Respect by Dr. Eggerichs is a great marriage book. I figure if I want to read a novel for fun I can always get it at the library because I would rarely read it more than once.

  7. Well did you decide? I am reading Women, God and Food by Geneen Roth...all about emotional eating and whats really "eating us"

  8. I haven't decided yet...need to get to town during business hours as opposed to 24 hr. Super Wal-Mart hours. Plus, I really want to think about what I'm going to get so that I don't get side-tracked in the aisles of Victor Lundeen's!

  9. Melissa what kind of read are you looking for? Educational, religious, lighthearted/funny, romance, or what? I have lots of suggestions, but I need you to narrow it down. Well, then again I have no religious or educational ones you'd want, unless you want to read about the history of anything. Then I can lend those out.


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