Monday, August 16, 2010

Ten Memories I Leave for Them

Ten Memories I Leave for Them
by Jenefer Igarashi

What I hope my children will remember:
1.  That she loved God and her family, and that she prayed for them.
2.  That when they came into a room, her first response was a smile, and they knew she was genuinely happy to see them.
3.  That she did not shy away from teaching hard lessons, and held them accountable for their decisions and mistakes.
4.  That she sang songs to them, and with them, even though she sang off key.
5.  That she could humbly apologize and ask forgiveness when she was wrong or cruel.
6.  That she loved their dad, and strove to be respectful and helpful to him.
7.  That she would apologize to their dad, and to them, when she "flipped out" and started hollering about empty milk cartons tossed back in the fridge.
8.  That she laughed a lot.
9.  That she would truly hear them when they spoke.
10.  That she was miserably flawed, made many mistakes, yet was still used by God to touch and bless others, especially them.

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