Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Days

Mr. Bipper started "school" this week.
He's going to be doing Kindergarten work--
he is OH-SO-READY to be working like
his big brothers and sister!
You can see who's next in line, right?

Mr. 'Lijah was looking over his shoulder,
watching him make his letters the whole time!
I let Elijah work right along with us as we talk about rhyming,
matching, which one doesn't belong, which is the fastest/biggest/smallest, etc.

Miss Ivy spends some school time 
sitting in her Bumbo, 
chomping on a spoon and drooling EVERYWHERE.

Andrew is working on math.
He is a math whiz.

Linnea is eating her apple-snack
while reading something from the encyclopedia
on the computer.
(Notice Christopher in the background--
he is feeling SO FOXY that he's doing school, too!)

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