Thursday, August 26, 2010

State Fair Bound!!

Nathaniel and Isaiah (yes, I do have these sons, though you'd not be able to prove it with a picture on my blog...) left yesterday morning for the Minnesota State Fair!!

They are down there with a 4-H livestock encampment--
Isaiah with one of his goats
and Nathaniel with his Brown Swiss heifer.

They left yesterday (Wed.) and will be back Sunday evening.
Dennis and I are leaving tonight in order to be down in time for 
Isaiah's goat show at 8 AM TOMORROW MORNING!

We will stay over night with my brother and his family
so that we can be there to watch 
Nathaniel's dairy show at 

(I think that's an insane time for a show...just sayin')

Here are some pictures I took with my cell phone
as they were loadin' up to
 move 'em out.
This is not our animal...just a picture for you
"city folk" to see the type of trailer they take them in 
and how they do it.

See?  See that guy heading down the ramp?
That's Nathaniel.
I bet you'd be able to recognize him anywhere now, 
wouldn't you? 
He had just loaded his heifer.
Picture proof that he exists.

See?  See that guy at the entrance to the trailer?
The one with the cowboy hat?
Oh, you can't see him 'cause of the shadow?
Well, that's Number 2 son Isaiah,
loading his goat,
affectionately named Lefse.
Ya, ve're dat Norsky so as to name animals
after Scandinavian dishes.

My persona faveof the day were 
the fancy jackets that the sheep wear.
Stylin', no?

A far-away shot of the bus
the kids rode on.

You didn't think that they'd go 
on the stock trailer did you????

A closer up shot of the bus,
taken from the front seat of our van
as I was driving away from the 
County Fairgrounds;
they were heading out ahead of me.

They're gonna have a GREAT time.
I know it.

And Dennis, Ivy and I are, too.
I know it.

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