Saturday, August 21, 2010

Under a Microscope

I've often linked to 
and this post is so true:

I feel this way so often.

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  1. Melissa: I don't know why, but that gal's post bothers me. If you aren't ashamed, why does it matter if people ask you questions or seem shocked. In all honesty, having more than three kids is odd to most people. Big deal if you are happy. Really, don't dwell on it.
    People used to ask if I was crazy for having a fourth. I just said yes, because on some level I think we are/were, but it's my problem, not theirs.
    It's kind of like when I had my Duggars post. If you are handling it all well, can feed your kids well, can meet their needs, etc, then it's not one else's concern.


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