Friday, March 25, 2011

I Answer

Becca asked if I ever got 
the newborn rocker thing
that I really really really really really

I even did a post about it

It was a great first bed/bassinet for Ivy.
Love, love, love it.
I don't even set up our crib for a new baby
anymore because it takes up so much room.

I think that Christopher was the last
child to use the crib...and that's a maybe.
It might have even been Andrew.

I just use the pack-n-play
for the baby's bed.

When you have kids,
you gotta do what works!

Thanks for asking, Becca!
Aaaaaaand, Becca has a new,
VERY cute little bloggity
where you can read about how
she keeps up with her sweet baby,
You can see that by clicking here.


  1. Thanks, Melissa! I was thinking maybe that would be something we invested in when we have another baby (not that one is on the way yet). It looks really neat and perfect for people without much space like us!

  2. Our youngest used the pack-n-play for the first 6 months of her life because we didn't have room for a crib at our old house. :)


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