Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Questions

Kim and Carrie both asked me if I'd teach them how to crochet these washcloths.
The answer: YES!  Most definitely!

It is a very easy pattern and you'd pick it up in no time.
Kim--we're up for some kids to play, any time now!
Carrie--how's 4-H time lookin' for you?

A number of years ago, I decided I wanted to learn to knit.
So I did.
I made many mistakes.
My hands hurt.
I dropped stitches.
I couldn't make anything more complicated than a scarf.
I always had to finish the row and then I couldn't remember if I was knitting or purling.
To put it plainly, I was NOWHERE NEAR as gifted as my friend Gretchen.  That woman can KNIT.

This woman can't.

Then one day, a magazine in the checkout lane caught my eye; it was all about crocheting.
I decided to give it a whirl.


For me, crocheting is easier than knitting; I think it's much easier to stop and start with crocheting, and you can fix mistakes easier (in my opinion.)
My grandma also crochets A LOT, so I knew if I got stuck on something she could help me.

I have deeply ingrained in me a belief that hands should always be busy with worthwhile things.  If I am watching a movie at night with Dennis, sitting by while the kids do their school work, on a car trip, in a waiting room, or in the car waiting for someone--my hands can keep busy with my crocheting because I always make sure to have a little something along to work on.  (I also make sure to have a book along because I love to read, too!)

To Megan J--I make sure to put the afghans that I make on the davenport.


  1. You're so sweet! I agree that crocheting is so much easier to fix mistakes. I haven't crocheted in ages. I prefer crocheting for blankets for sure! I knit a baby blanket once and it took forever.

    I like to have handwork on hand too. I think it keeps my brain from scattering sometimes and helps me focus.

  2. You're so funny! Can you crochet me a shawl to wear in the evening when I watch Matlock?

  3. I'll get right on that. Is that on before or after Murder She Wrote?

  4. Melissa- We will plan on having you guys over for 4-H. My girls will be so excited!!!

  5. I know how to knit and do an ok job of it, but I would LOVE to learn to crochet sometime. It does look and sound like it would be easier for things like blankets.

    Lisa Joy

  6. Lisa--I can show you! Becky M. also crochets, so she could be a resource to you, too.


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