Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Left Behind?

When I opened the door to the bathroom
wherein Christopher was taking his bath,
I feared for a tiny moment that the rapture
had happened when I saw this:
I quickly came to my senses--
knowing for certain that I have accepted
Christ as my Savior and the free gift of eternal life
paid for with His life--
when Christopher saw me take a second look;
he started giggling and said,
"Hahahaha, I did that to trick you, Mom!"


  1. That is too funny! We just watched part of that movie the other day with Parker. He was pretty interested in it. I wonder if he is old enough for the books? What do you think?

    Tami Tell Christoper he did a good job on his trick! =)

  2. I think I would have had an accident in my pants if I would have walked in on that one!! It is kinda funny tho...don't ya have to admit? Creative young man ya got...must take after his momma!! =)


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