Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday Sports?

I'm going out on a precarious limb here...
I just want to ask for your opinion.

I'm asking in a "what do you think of me re-painting the bathroom?" sort of way;
not in a "Wow.  So, did the guy in Seven Pounds make the right choices?" way.

I'm not looking to debate deep theological issues.

Please don't get defensive--I'm not asking on the offensive.
Of course I do already have an opinion, but it's merely that:  my opinion.
And now I'm asking for yours.

Deep breath.
Here goes...

What do you think of organized/public school sports activities scheduled on Sunday mornings?

Here's what I think:  I don't think they should do so.
I think it's asking families to choose between church/worship and their sports team.

I was recently party to a conversation that basically went like this:

Sports Parent: "It's a hard choice to make, but when you're part of a team, you have to show up.  You can't let your team down."

Other Person in Conversation: "You know, I read an article that said that skipping the game to attend church actually hurts your witness...y'know--trying to make it seem like church is more important than being there for your team."

At this point, I had to step away because my kids required my attention so I'm not sure how it ended.

I need to say VERY CLEARLY here that I know you don't get a little celestial attendance sticker every time you attend church and a big black frowny face if you miss.
I just think it's too bad that these things are scheduled for Sunday mornings.

So now I ask--what do you think?


  1. I struggle very much with the Sunday sports. I don't like the idea of missing church, because of a scheduled game. Thankfully we have been lucky on Parker not having any games scheduled yet for a Sunday morning. They have always been in the afternoon. We have been out of town a few times on Sundays for an away tournament, and had to miss because of being out of town, but the game times have always been in the afternoon. One thing our church offers though is a Wednesday service. We can choose to go on Wednesday evenings for their regular Sunday school class, and also the regular Sunday worship service.

    So, yes, my feelings are that I don't like making the choice to miss church on Sundays for sports. But, at the same time I see the other side. If you are part of a team you also can't let down your team mates. I'm okay though with how we have been able to balance it. Having the option to go to church on Wednesday gives me some peace of mind.


  2. I don't like the idea of them. Knut wanted to do some Sunday ski races this last year that he didn't do, however not on the basis that they were on Sunday.

    We live in a different world than the movie "Chariots of Fire" but we serve the same God. I think if we are to give up games on Sunday, we should give up several other things that we currently do, but call into question as well.

    So my answer is, I don't know. I don't like them, but I don't think I'd go as far as calling them sinful. I do know that skipping the game because of your conscience is a testament to your faith, and does not hurt your witness, no matter what anyone says. I think the team could discipline a member for missing a game, regardless of reason, and including faith. I don't think it would hurt a witness though. At all.

  3. I'm against them, not as much for myself as for my kids. We signed my son (6 yrs old) up for hockey last year. Turns out practices were an hour away on Sat and Sun mornings. He was not able to make the Sunday practices/games due to the fact that I taught Sunday School at our church. (Plus, the fact that pregnant me with a 4 yr old and 6 yr old had to get the kid ready with all the gear, which just wasn't my idea of fun.)

    Long story short, we have had problems with him wanting to quit things, because "we did it with hockey". I think that a game or practice as maybe one game or practice a season isn't bad. But too often, and it causes us to question which is more important.

  4. Having grown up in the same area as you Melissa and attending the same school I find it disturbing not only do they have sports on Sunday but also on Wed. It use to be that Wed and Sunday's were church days...Period! We make our children grow up so fast so why does it make it a crime if they don't "take one for the team"? Just my opinion!

  5. I think scheduling team sports activities on a Sunday is disrespectful of my right to worship and to teach my child about my faith.

    I would meet with the organizers and make this point to them - respectfully, of course. I'm sure I would get the speech about how they can't make the schedule please everyone. I would be encouraging my fellow Christians to also have this conversation with sports organizers, because the squeaky wheel gets greased. I'm doing so now.

    As for what I would do with my child, it would depend on the situation. I might skip Sunday sports in favor of church services, I might alternate, and I might (if it was a higher-level team) allow my child to participate in the sport on every scheduled Sunday. I would still make sure my opinion was heard by the schedulers.

  6. Aren't we all on God's team?? Go Team!

  7. I am wholeheartedly against sports activities on Sundays. We all have many options for worship and service--some go Saturday nights or Sunday evenings, or use technology to "catch up" on a missed service. So, that isn't necessarily my main concern even though growing in Christ as a family is a priority for us. I realize that not all families make that a priority. But what about family time?? Is 6 days per week just not enough for practice and games? Families are stretched thin as it is, and we are all left running this way and that. What will be our childrens' memories of family time if we have to physically leave our community to go on vacation in order to escape the commitments that now require us 7 days per week, even at the elementary age?


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