Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where I'd Rather Be

This weekend is our state's BIG homeschool convention.
I really wish I was there.

In our six years of homeschooling, I've only gotten to go once--and I'm not sure you could even count that as "going".
Dennis thought it'd be a great time to meet up with a business associate--you know, kill two birds with one stone.
We did, alright.  He met with the guy and we didn't take in more than two sessions at the conference.
We ended up leaving the first night.

Each year, I present the idea of going.
He says, "We'll see."

And like a silly child, I think to myself, "He didn't say 'No' so there's a chance."

I get the conference brochure, I pour over it, longingly reading over the descriptions of each session.  Oh, how I would LOVE to go listen to these people speak about homeschooling and all that goes along with it!

As the date of the conference nears, I bring it up to him again.  "Is there any way we could go?  Or even just me?"
And he says, "I'm not sure.  We'll have to see."

And like a silly child, I think to myself, "He didn't say 'No' so there's a chance."

I may ask another time or two, and when he brushes the issue aside, I know:  I won't be going.

I want to be like a 10 year old who says, "but DAD---EVeryone I know is going!"
I know full well this would make no difference.
But I still want to say it.

So, today I'm kind of melancholy.
I really wish I was headed to the conference.
But I'm not.


  1. I worked last weekend so that I could go this weekend (to the MACHE conference), but funds are limited, so I'll be home,too. BUMMER! We can commisserate together ;)

  2. Lift your chin up and although you want to be there...know that there are also others in the same boat as you and feel your sadness. Many times I feel like our family has 8 children with the mom being #8 but I keep going and know that when I do "get to go" somewhere....its nice but I want to hurry up and get home! I think it is our true mothering shining through!! Hope a ray of sunshine shines down on you today!

  3. I'm sorry you didn't get to go. Next year, JUST DO IT!!! :)
    You won't regret going, if with your little baby in tow :)


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