Monday, April 11, 2011

This One Always Gets Me

Each time we've announced a pregnancy,
invariably someone asks something like
"Are you SURE?  Have you been to the DOCTOR?"
Each time, I've simply taken a pregnancy test.
(Ok, sometimes I've taken several pregnancy tests.
Especially since I found you can get them on Amazon for super cheap.)

If it lends credibility,
my doctor once told me that if you have
a positive home test,
you are pregnant.

It's virtually impossible
to get a false-positive.

if I've told you I'm pregnant,
I'm sure.
Yes, I'm pregnant.
And (most likely) no, I haven't been to the doctor.
I'm still pregnant--even if a doctor didn't "diagnose" it.


  1. I knew I was pregnant even before my positive yah no need for a Dr. to tell me something I already knew :)
    Soon enough there will be Dr. visits, why rush them...
    Say-do you do home births?

  2. I would LOVE to have a home birth this time. We checked into it with Ivy, but it was cost-prohibitive. (Insurance 100% covers a hospital birth which is about three times the cost of a home birth, but a homebirth would be all out of pocket and we just couldn't come up with the cash.)
    So, THIS time--I'm really hoping we can make it work. We'll see!

  3. And also...don't people just think that maybe once...just once they should just be quiet!! Typically a woman knows and doesn't need usually any test or DR to tell them yes!! We know our bodies and in my case...Doug always knew before I even told him or took the test!! He could read me like a book!

  4. I will pray for Gods will about a home birth...and lots of excess cash flow.
    You know my sister(Heather) is a doula right?!


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