Thursday, June 16, 2011


There are those times
as a mother
when you are so proud
of your child's newest achievement.

Rolling over, crawling,
walking, using a fork,
new words, learning to "pump" on the swings 
all by his/her self,
writing their letters and numbers,
learning to read,
finally understanding Algebra,
learning to drive,
etc. etc.

Some you are SO happy about,
like baby's first smile.
I don't think I've ever felt a tinge of sadness
when my baby first smiled at me--
it was just happiness.
Same with using a fork, writing their letters and numbers,
reading, and Algebra.

But there are those times
when your child moves on in their development
that are tinged with sadness for this mama's heart.
Of course I'm happy when my child
learns something new, 
but I also think of what I'm "losing" in the process.

When Baby learns to crawl,
I'm so excited because they learned something new!!
But I'm sad because now Baby's on the move--
and no longer stays where I put him or her.

One area that stands out for me personally
is when they learn new words--
or the correct way to say their words.

My littles have usually called my dad "Bam-pa" or "Bah-pa"
until they are old enough to form the word "Grandpa".
I love hearing them say it--
and then one day...
it switches to "Grandpa".
I'm happy--and I'm sad.

I have loved how Elijah has said helicopter--
I asked him to say it for me last week,
expecting him to say "helli-toppler."

But he said "helicopter" plain as day.
I was sad.

I really liked hellitoppler.

This morning, though, I smiled
when he told me about the 
"lem-lade" he drank yesterday.


He's still one of my littles.


  1. Oh Melissa, I totally agree. I love skabetti, handbands (band-aids), cellephone (makes sense...right?), rainbrella, etc.... I feel that twinge of sadness to when my littles start to say the words the right way. It means that they are growing up. Sigh. Great post!

  2. Thank you for this post! Sometimes I find myself wishing Scarlett were older, but this post reminded me to cherish each and every stage they go through.

  3. yep...I feel the same way. We are almost done with diapers in our house and I felt like that would never happen.

  4. I agree! I've got a butt load of them too and just the other day Abram said something and I thought, "Where did my baby go?!" :(
    One of my favorties is finder-mine-glass...


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