Friday, June 3, 2011

I wrote about this on facebook, but not all of you that read here would know about that. :-)   

We are VERY thankful for God's hand of protection over our son Nathaniel. 
On Monday night, a cow slipped and fell on top of him in a stall, trapping him underneath her. 
Two broken ribs, a bruised heart muscle, deep tissue bruising on his legs along with other scrapes and bruises from head to toe. 
We know it could have turned out VERY differently and it is hard not to let this mama's mind travel in all the ways that it could have turned out. 

He got out of the hospital on Wednesday and is doing well here at home, however we both are really missing the room service method of the way patients (and parents!) eat while at the hospital.


  1. Oh Melissa, I missed this on facebook. We are so grateful that he is okay...that he was watched over and protected. We will keep him in our prayers as he continues to heal.

  2. Wow, I didn't know that! Praise God he's ok. I will be praying for quick healing.

  3. Prayers for Nathanial's recovery. Thank you God for watching over him.

  4. THANK GOD for His protection! May healing continue and praise be given for years to come!


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