Friday, June 24, 2011

Ivy's Breakfast Buddy

Ivy insists on having this horse with her at breakfast.
She feeds it
and makes smacking/yum-yum noises on its behalf.

"Want some more?"

I love my ring-side seat to the carnival of their childhood.


  1. You must carry your camera with you non-stop to catch all these neat moments?
    Question: When you put your pics on your do you frame them with the white around the pic?

  2. When is the horse going to learn to sign? LOL! So cute!

  3. Kim, I rarely remember to bring my camera when we GO anywhere, but I always have it sitting in the kitchen so it's quick at hand!
    About the white frame, I have no idea. It must be part of the Blogger template, because it just shows up that way.


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