Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When Ruby Was Missing

I couldn't find Ruby when I got up on Saturday morning.
I looked everywhere:
under her bed, in Linnea's bed,
on the couch, the floor next to my bed,
I looked in everybody's bed in case she'd crawled in with them.
No Ruby.
I looked everywhere again.
And again.

I started to get a little nervous.
I sent Dennis a text to have him ask Linnea if she
had any idea where Ruby might be.

I re-checked all the places I'd already checked.
Dennis and Linnea came in from outside
to help me look for her.
It just made no sense!  
She seemed to be nowhere!

I even stopped in each room to listen for
heavy sleepy breathing.

Then Linnea suggested I look in her closet.
I'd already checked there repeatedly.

Apparently I had not looked close enough.
The "lost" was now found.

I let her keep sleeping.


  1. I probably would have been calling 911 by then!! Wow...does she do that often? Too cute!

  2. This post is so Hilarious!! What a little hunny!! Kids are too funny! So glad you found her!

  3. I'm glad you found her safe and sound.

    I know we lost DeeDee once and it scared me. One of the kids had let her in the house and then shut the door. We finally found her inside playing a happy as can be. Boy, did I freak out!


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