Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Blessed

Last week my friend Gretchen invited us to join in her blog party.
So tonight, as others are doing,
I'm finally getting around to telling you how 
I'm Blessed.
Of course you know that I'm blessed to have a passel of kids,
a husband that loves me even when I'm un-loveable,
and a great extended family.

I'm also blessed to live in the country (with no visible neighbors!).
I can look out any window of our house and not see another house.
I like that. 
 I'd feel hemmed in the city--even if it was a teeny, tiny town.

But since Gretchen gave the heads up about this post last week,
I made sure to look for little things that make me smile.
You know--the kind where I'm pretty sure God was smiling, too.

Last week as we sat down to dinner
(that's the noon meal 'round here)
the younger kids sang their hearts out to "Johnny Appleseed."
When kids sing about how great God is,
that blesses me.

Another little thing that stood out to me this week was this:
on Sunday morning, all of which are peaceful and well-ordered in this home,  
{HA!! HA!  You didn't fall for that, did you?}
the kids were loading themselves and each other into the van
and when I came out, Ruby said, 
"Mommy!!!!!  Look at my pretty flowers!!"
Ivy showed me hers, too.
And Elijah--sweet, sweet son of mine, said,
"Yeah, I picked some ante-lions (dandelions) for the dirls (girls).
'Cause I knew they would like them.  And 'cause Ruby wanted me to."
Melt. my. heart.

That set the tone for our ride to church,
which was a whole lot better than the one I usually set.

And so,
I'm blessed.

In big ways
and small ways.

Thank you, Lord.


  1. That is such an awesome post are truly blessed!

  2. My heart melts every time one of my kids shows a generous heart like that. Especially when the little boys act like gentleman. It's like that little bit of encouragement that you're doing something right in the midst of chaos.

    I'm so blessed that you contributed. That word is overused now, but I don't mean it any less. You are truly a blessing to me. :)


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