Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Because I Can

When I was on my walk this morning,
I noticed the wildflowers in the ditch.
I knew they would make Ruby smile,
and brighten the table, too.

Then I thought,
"What if someone drives by and sees me picking flowers in the ditch?"
And then I thought, 
"Who cares?  It's our land, for goodness' sake."

From there, 
the ramblings in my mind went something like this:

On this "first day of school" for nearly every child in MN,
we are NOT doing school--because we can.
I'm so grateful to live in a country where we have the freedom to 
choose how we educate our children.

I go on a walk in the morning because I want to,
need to,
and because I can--
I don't have job or a boss who dictates where I will be or when.
If I wake up 15 minutes late--or an hour late--it doesn't really matter.
I'm so thankful my husband works hard so I can stay home.
We don't have extra money,
but I can be home with our kids--
or out and about with our kids--
and not have to worry about a "day off".

I have all kinds of work to do every day
and I do it because I decide it needs to be done
and because I can--
I'm thankful for an able body to do all the laundry,
cooking, cleaning, and teaching
and a disappearing lap :-) for reading stories.
(And if I want to take a nap, 
I can.)

Today I'm taking the six younger children to visit my aunt and uncle in ND.
You guessed it--because I can.
I didn't need to put in for time off or sign the children out of anything.
We'll be gone until Thursday.
This is the first time I've ever done anything like this;
I feel strangely empowered and free at the same time!
We've been trying to work it out for two years,
so it's not exactly spur of the moment... :-)

So much about motherhood can be focused on what we can't do--
today I was powerfully reminded about all the things I can.

I'm trying to re-claim the joy 
that is to be found in my calling.
I think I'm starting to...


  1. Sounds like fun! Have a safe trip and I hope you are feeeling well! We only have 11 weeks to go ;)

  2. And I just drank directly from the milk container since melissa is gone, because I can!


  3. I love this post also! I hope you had a wonderful trip! :)


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