Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Linnea's Locks

Linnea had been asking and asking
(and asking and asking and asking and asking)
about getting her hair cut.

She would often come to me with a ruler
and ask me to measure 10 inches up from the bottom.
I would,
and we would both agree that that would be a pretty drastic cut for her.

A few weeks would pass,
and she'd ask again.

Finally it dawned on me.
I told her,
"You know, you can get your hair cut even if it's not for Locks of Love."

Many of her friends have done that
and just about everyone who comments on her long hair
tells her how she should do "that Locks of Love thing."

Once I realized that this guilt of sorts was what was holding her back,
she asked if I would cut her hair.


I cut about six inches off,
which is what she decided she wanted.

It should come as no surprise that Miss Ruby,
who wants to do everything her big sister does,
wanted a "hair tut" too.
Her's was much less noticeable--I cut maybe 1/2 an inch.
I think it was more about me using the cape,
the squirty bottle, and combing through her hair
than about how much came off. :-)

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