Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Blessed: Life

Gretchen has some wonderful things to share today

I don't know why the Monday I'm Blessed blog party 
always sneaks up on me, but it does.
I see her post and go, "Oh yeah!  I'd like to write along for that!"
so I sit down to write how the Lord has blessed me.

Today Gretchen's thoughts mirror 
many of my own regarding life.
I don't know that I've ever played the "why them?" card.
More often, when grief assails,
I think to myself, "why not me?"

I have certainly dealt with my share of difficult things;
disappointment, financial setbacks, failures, health issues within our family, etc.


I have never endured the loss of a child.
With each health history that I've filled out when pregnant,
they are always surprised to find out that the number of pregnancies is equal to the number of live births.

Each of our children has been born healthy and whole.
Any medical issue we've had has been extremely minor.
We have never dealt with even a developmental delay.

Many women struggle to conceive;
that has not been an issue for us.
Believe me--it is not something I take for granted.

My life as a homemaker/homeschooler/at-home-mom
allows me to see things that I would have otherwise missed.

While each day is filled with sink-fulls of dishes,
loads and loads of laundry, diapers to change, noses and bottoms to wipe,
discipline to mete out, fly-tape hanging in our house,
cereal on the floor, grease on the stove, milk that got left out,
messes of unknown origin, mice trying to make a winter home,
etcetera, etcetera---

it is also filled to the brim with
dollies in strollers, barbies strewn about the floor,
cowboy boots, cowboy guns, and cowboy hats,
toy tractors working carpet-fields, block towers,
books stacked to make race car ramps,
lumber arranged for bike ramps, 
tea parties, pony tails, ruffle-y skirts, ballerina shoes,
inquiries regarding the arrival of the next issue of Guns and Ammo, 
conversations about hunting seasons and regulations, 
and talk about what a nice calf #423 had last night.

I am watching babies grow to toddlers,
little girls to young ladies, little boys to big boys,
and boys grow into men.

I have a front row seat to life.
I am blessed. 


  1. This is well said! From one stay at home mom to another - Thank you for reminding me of how blessed I am :)


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