Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miss Ruby had a Birthday

Miss Ruby had a birthday today.
She turned "fee".
She knew it was in "Be-cember" and
that she wanted a pink cake.

Ruby--fresh out of bed.
We're growing out her bangs.
Well, she's growing them; I'm the one not cutting them.

I let her open one present at breakfast.
Blurry, but she is very excited about her new Cinderalla doll.

I shouldn't be surprised, really,
but the hit of the day were
Yes, balloons.

I've never bought any of the kids birthday balloons,
but this time, I did.
And I think I should make it part of everyone's birthday!

She was SO excited to see them tied to her bed when she woke up 
and to her chair when she came out for breakfast.

I tried to stretch out "her day"
by having something special at breakfast, dinner and then snack time.
She wore her new birthday dress, of course!

Linnea made her this little purse and put some coins in it.
Ruby LOVES it.

As for that pink cake,
I decorated it with some little plastic rings.

which soon enough were on her precious little fingers.

If you don't know Ruby in person,
you may not know that she is the very definition of little girl.
She loves anything pink, sparkly, fluffy, fancy, tiny, baby, etc.

Everything is so precious to her.
Once she came up to my mom cradling a little pebble in her hand.
"Looooook, Grandma---a baby rock!"

Happy 3rd Birthday, Miss Ruby.
I hope I always remember to try to see the world through your eyes.
I love you.


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Pretty Ruby!! Quite the young lady you are!!

  2. So sweet!What a beautiful girl~
    I bought balloons one year girls were soooo excited. We have started a tradition of decorating the room of the birthday girl after they fall asleep. It's such a sweet surprise when they wake up. I don't put a lot of time, energy, or money into it either. I bought a reusable Happy Birthday sign a few years ago, but before that I would just write on whatever paper we had around the house. Tape some ribbon up, and that's it! They feel so special before they even get out of bed. I fail miserably at the rest of it...planning parties, baking, etc. So this has been my saving grace!

  3. Uncle Mike and Auntie BethieSeptember 2, 2011 at 9:40 PM

    Awwww!!! What a special post for such a special girl. Happy Birthday Miss Ruby! We love you so much!


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