Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Blessed

I'm writing along with Gretchen's 
I'm Blessed series again this week.

I want to tell you how blessed I am to be a wife 
and a mother to these fine children the Lord has given us.

I'm blessed with a husband who thinks I'm beautiful and tells me so.
As in, "I like that dress."
And I say, "What makes you like it?"
And he says, "That you're in it."

I'm blessed that Nathaniel is a capable worker--
he can handle all the milking and does a good job.
He is wonderful with the little ones, too.

I'm blessed that Isaiah has a real heart for the animals here.
He can administer shots, which I'd be too chicken to do.
The animals trust him because he obviously cares for them.
Today, he took care of changing the dressing on the dog's injured leg.
Dennis told me to do it, but I was scared she would bite me or something,
so I asked Isaiah to help me.
(by "help" I mean "do it for me.")

I'm blessed that Linnea is very capable with the children.
As my belly grows and makes bathtime more difficult,
she can handle it and does so willingly.
She is always willing to read someone a story.

I'm blessed that Andrew is a willing worker for his dad.
He is incredibly strong for his age
and has a joy for work outside.
(Inside, notsomuch, but this is a blessings post.)
He loves to mow lawn, too.

I'm blessed that Christopher lights up at the chance to "go farming" with Dad.
He could literally spend ALL. DAY. outside trailing after Dennis.
He doesn't get bored or tired
and he knows every aspect of this farm.

I'm blessed that Elijah is growing up and 
yet is still very much a little boy.
He willingly  plays "mom and dad" with Ruby,
he will be her "pince" (how Ruby says "prince"),
or he will build forts outside and
pet the dog and try to find a cat to curl up in his lap.

I'm blessed that Ruby is such a little girl.
She spends her time planning and hosting tea parties,
rocking her babies, cooking in her toy kitchen,
and being a ballerina or Cinderella.

I'm blessed that Ivy is a unique blend of baby girl, little girl, and tom boy.
She has everyone wrapped around her finger,
doing as she bids.
She traipses around the yard in her cotton dresses,
pig-tails in or freshly taken out,
with dirty feet, dirt under her fingernails,
and sand in her hair that she shoveled onto her own head
 when playing in the sandbox. 

I'm blessed to be carrying another child within my womb.
I look forward to meeting him or her
and discovering what special place s/he will fill in our family.

How have YOU been blessed this week?

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  1. This might be my favorite "I'm Blessed" posts you've done. I love hearing about each of your kids this way in how they are a blessing. So cool.

    It's wonderful.


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