Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Farm Boys

You know you're the mother of farm boys 
when you meet some friends at the park
and in the course of their play,
the boys head toward the far side of a tree
and you experience the very real fear that
they are headed over to "use the bathroom"
so you call out, "Boys!  Remember we're in town!"
and they look at you funny and tell you 
that they were only going to play hide-and-seek.


  1. Love it!!! Before we moved out to the farm, we lived on the edge of town, right next door to our church. One Sunday, as we were getting ready to leave, the kids started walking to the house and someone stopped Randy and I to say something. Apparently, we had locked the front door when we left, and apparently someone had to use the bathroom and just couldn't wait, so he just took care of business in the front yard, as everyone was leaving church. :)

  2. That WAS funny :) At our house when we have company, I just hope G remembers to close the bathroom door (since it's off the dining room)...or at LEAST wait to come out until his pants are UP!


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