Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Riding Horses at Grandpa's

In the middle of March
on a warm (for March in MN) day,
I took the kids to my parents' house for the afternoon.
It was sort of like a vacation--the closest thing to a vacation that dairy farmers can take:
a 10 minute drive to somewhere free.

Ivy is on her way to "help" saddle the ponies.
She looks so grown UP!  When did that happen?

Linnea, on the right, and her friend Amy, on the left.

Elijah is on one of my dad's ponies, Dusty.

Ruby was so proud!
(my dad has a glove on to protect an injury to his hand)

Bipper collected rocks while waiting for his turn.

Ivy Joy had a turn on Dusty.

Ivy thought her nose was so "thoft". (soft)

My dad really likes his horses

Christopher is kind of a dare-devil;
he has liked for the horse to run since he was very young.

Elijah upgraded to a big horse

Amy and Linnea made sure Ivy stayed safe

Isaiah even went for a ride!

I just plain like this picture.

I think Ruby got the good end of this deal! 

The kids especially love it when Grandpa rides, too.

All of the kids have been in a saddle before they were two.

"It's fun to just talk with Grandpa." ~Christopher

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