Friday, April 20, 2012

We Had a Hard Night

We had a hard night, 'Liz-beth and me...
She was up several times, wanting to nurse and/or just be held.
Normally, this wouldn't have been such a problem
but she and I were on the go yesterday and I was as worn out as I could be.
I think that was her deal, too--just a little strung out from her not-normal day.

I confess that I get plenty frustrated when a baby or child has several needs during a night.
I like my sleep.
I really like my sleep.
And I got frustrated with Elizabeth for being so needy 
after we both had had such a long day.

But when I see her like this,
I sometimes wonder how I could get so frustrated
with such a lovely little being.

I am reminded this morning of Michelle Duggar's
decision to choose JOY.
On a dvd our Mom's Group watched last night,
Mrs. Duggar spoke of how some days with tears streaming down her face
from feelings of being overwhelmed,
she chooses to sing
"the joy of the Lord is my strength."
You may remember that song from Sunday School or Vacation Bible School...

It was just what I needed  to hear.
Because some days this Mommy-gig is a tough one.
But His strength is made known in my weakness.

Even though I'm tired,
today I choose to sing a song of joy.
I choose joy.

edited to add: apparently Nicki and I are experiencing the same feelings.
Her post from today is absolutely lovely.


  1. It's funny how when they are quiet and looking so peaceful, you miss them...even though you need a break, and you are practically crying for a reprieve during the night.
    There is no love greater is there?

  2. Oh, Melissa! I am so glad that I found that poem this morning! Indeed we ARE experiencing the same feelings! It is so easy to get frustrated when we, as moms, are run down. I will pray for you today, my friend. He WILL keep us going...we are doing His work each and every day!

  3. Wow, I had my comment all typed out and was just about to click "publish" and then my computer erased the whole thing. :) (I'm choosing joy. I'm choosing joy. I'm choosing joy...) Oh, right. Back to my comment... :) We also had a less-than-stellar night last night. I was up until after midnight and Michael woke up at 5. That is not quite enough sleep for Mama to be fully functional (by a good 3 hours or so...). I might have to take up drinking coffee... :) Anyway, I too know the frustration/desperation of having nothing left to give, and I know God's grace and faithfulness to carry us when we simply cannot. I too choose joy today, and I pray God's peace, joy, and love for you today! God bless! :)

  4. I LOVE Michelle's attitude to choose joy! :)


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