Monday, January 10, 2011

Little People Lacing Atop the Table

 I bought Elijah and Ruby
these lacing sets for Christmas.
We opened gifts just the ten of us on Christmas Eve morning.
(I know, "just the ten of us" sounds funny, even to me.)
I had to clean up all the mess and get the house ready 
before we went to church at 4:00
because Dennis' family would be coming over after chores that night.
My point in telling you this is that I tucked these lacing cards
into their school drawers and they didn't come out again until after the new year.
It was like Christmas all over again!
 I'm not exactly sure why they chose the
table for their workspace,
but I'm guessing it had something to do with Ivy
and knowing she wouldn't be able to reach them
if they were up there.
 Not kidding--they spent a good half hour, maybe 45 minutes on top 
of the kitchen table,
lacing and lacing and lacing away!
My point in buying these was two-fold:
1. I knew they'd love them.
2. I knew it would keep them busy during school time with the bigger kids.
I was right!

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