Monday, January 24, 2011

Why This Kid Cracks. Me. Up.

Nathaniel is 14.
His 15th birthday is next month.

This kid makes me laugh
every. day.

I was looking over his answers from
his grammar workbook
and thought I'd share some of them
because I know at least his uncles
will get a huge kick out what he wrote.

The bold print is what was in the book; the regular print are his answers.
Write an example of a possessive noun used to determine another noun.  He wrote: "That's no lady, that's my wife!"
 Write a subordinate clause to finish this sentence:  I don't want to go; besides, your car heater doesn't work.
Write a coordinate clause to finish the sentence:  The artist drew a colorful picture of the Grand Canyon, but he copied it from another colorful picture of the Grand Canyon.
Micah read a story about identity theft, and he read a story on Kung-Fu warriors.
Finish each subordinate clause:  The bride looked as if  she wanted to leave.
We haven't seen him since  he got out of prison.
Finish each sentence using correct punctuation.  Whenever Jack sees a sports car   he breaks the tenth commandment.
Whereas Jana's brother wants to be a jockey,  Jana's sister wants to be a lady wrestler.

The things he says are so random! 
I think that's what makes me laugh so much, 
the unexpected-ness of it.

For example,
one day I heard the older boys roughing around.
I called down to them,
asking what was going on.

Nathaniel called back,
"Isaiah's mad at me 'cause I'm not athletically gifted."

Me: "Okaaaaaay."
Nathaniel: "I hit him in the head with the football."

How can I not laugh??


  1. che bella famiglia siete!! Complimenti..ui sono mamma di quattro ragazzi : Mattia( 20 anni) Lisa( 15) elia (9) ed Anna (7)..Non passa giorno che io ringrazi il Signore per avermi donato la loro presenza. Ma che grand'affare!! Comunque non mi scoraggio e vado avanti..Buona giornata *__^ Nicoletta

  2. Love it! He looks so much like you Melissa! You have a beautiful family~


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