Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cloth Diaper Funny

This is the type of diaper cover (a "Dappi") that I put on Ruby and Elijah at night. Since they are just a vinyl-type cover and not fabric, I just wash them in the bathroom sink and hang them in the shower to dry.

Dennis did not know that I do this, as I usually have it dry and put away before he showers. The other day though, he reached in behind the curtain and turned on the shower.

Then he called for me.

It was funny to me, so I took a picture. There is just no end to the weird things around here.
Most just tickle my funny bone, and most other people have no idea why I think it's funny.

This is probably one of those times...

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    That is funny. Husbands aren't always aware of all that we have to do are they? I once again with the new baby have decided to be committed to cloth diapers again. I was faithful to 100% cloth diaper our first baby, but by baby number four it had lasted only a few months. Now, with baby Sophia, I have embarked on a new adventure, and committing to cloth again was just the beginning. In my search on how to make a baby wrap, I came across elimination communication, aka infant toilet training. After a week of reading about it online, I said what the heck and gave it a whirl. I couldn't believe it. She pooped and peed within minutes. This was a week ago when she was 4 weeks old. She hasn't hardly pooped in her diaper all week. I've been catching them all in her "toilet bowl." I wasn't sure what Matt would think, but once he saw how easily it can happen, he said it was amazing. Last night, in the parking lot of our huge grocery store (in our truck), I caught my first pee away from home. AND--I went shopping at Fleet Farm and the grocery store with 5 kids for the first time!!!
    Laurie Schweitzer


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