Monday, March 23, 2009

Fashion Show

Miss Ruby was given some shoppin' money.
Wal-Mart had little girls' dresses super cheap.
I couldn't resist.
I may have to go back for some more...
The above one will be her Easter dress; I found a little pink sweater to go with it since there is nearly always snow at Easter time in MN.

Linnea and I decided to have a little Fashion Show.
Ruby started out as a willing participant.

She was less impressed as the Fashion Show progressed.

I took her non-verbal cues to mean "I'm through."


  1. What fun pictures! My favorite is the last one though! I hope to see her on Sunday!


  2. Little Miss Ruby Auntie Bethie and Uncle Mike think you look so adorable in your dresses. Love you so much Ruby! XOXOXO (and to the rest of the kiddies too)

  3. Melissa, she looks like she's being pretty verbal to me. ;)
    I love the pretty dresses...especially the first and last ones! What a sweet and pretty girl she is!


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