Friday, March 13, 2009


When you have kids, people assume you must not have enough books. Or they decide they have too many. I think this is especially so when they find out you home-educate.
Last year sometime, someone asked my mom if we would like a set of World Books. My mom said she'd ask me.
She asked me; I cringed, thinking--"where am I going to keep a set like that?" Not to mention, I secretly (not so secretly anymore, though, huh?) balked at the idea that this lady may be thinking I wasn't providing enough resources for my family.
Of course she wasn't, but I was a little sensitive to this at the time. I am not anymore.

My mom told me the lady was awaiting my call. So I called, thinking I would say a very kind "thanks, but no thanks." I thought with the internet, who really needs a set of encyclopedias? I was sure they were outdated, too.
Of course on the phone with this nice lady, I totally caved.
We got a set of encyclopedias that were published in 1967.

It has been a WONDERFUL addition to our library! Whadya know--there's a lot of great stuff in there!
I cannot count the times that I have seen my children pouring over these books.
"Mom, how are pencils made?"
Look it up!
"Hey, Mom--is there a difference between hogs and pigs?"
Look it up! (There is, just ask my kids about it.)
"What does the Panama Canal look like?"
Look it up!
They read them at meal times, they read them for fun, they read encyclopedias!!

I feel a lot better about them surfing through the pages of an encyclopedia than I do about them surfing the internet for information, that's for sure.

So if someone asks if you'd like a set--say yes. And keep them where the kids can always see them. You won't be sorry.


  1. I remember we had a set of encyclopedias when I was growing up too, and they were fun to read and look through. I really think Parker would live them too. He likes reading non-fiction. Which is hard for me. There were so many fun books I read growing up, and I automatically think that he will like them too. But, he doesn't. He would much rather learn about something, which is fine, but I personally like to read to be entertained.


  2. We think encyclopedias are great too!! I think ours are also from 1967! We have a couple sets -- a children's version too. When I was a kid I always had my nose in one and now my kids do too. I love having books around -- I need a better way of organizing them -- like a room that is just a library!

    Angie :)

  3. I think having an "old" set of Encyclopedias would be a great resource, because, unfortunately, I think our history is being rewritten. Some facts are being left out. Meanings of words are being changed too (ie: the word marriage). The "old" stuff is the true stuff!
    I love reading your blog, Melissa!

  4. Excellent point, Dede! I hadn't even thought about how history is being re-written (well, I had--one of the reasons we homeschool, but I mean regarding the encyclopedias).
    Thanks for reading my blog!
    PS---could something made in 1967 really be *old*???? :-)


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