Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Remind Me

Remind me again why I push and push for being potty trained.
Is it because I really like changing sheets, washing sheets, folding sheets, and making beds?
Could it be that I forgot that since two little boys sleep in the same bed and snuggle up together, that they would both need new pjs in the middle of the night if he pottied?
Or is it because I now need to remember where the bathroom is in every store?
Perhaps it is because peeling off underwear with "number 2" in it is such a pleasant task?

I thin--if I remember correctly--it was because
  • He's old enough to do this.
  • Three kids in diapers was getting old.
  • He was and is so excited about wearing "unnerwears"
  • He really really really wanted Lightning McQueen unnerwears
  • He does so well so much of the time.
Sometimes, though, changing diapers wasn't so bad...

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